After Effect tutorial : Looking Through Broken Glass

After Effect tutorial : Looking Through Broken Glass

WeGraphics provided a method on how to compose a broken glass effect in Photoshop, so I bring forward how to bring it to life using After Effects. Even a beginner user with little knowledge will be able to follow this tutorial and achieve the same outcome. And if anyone hits a snag, id be more than happy to help.

About the author

Gerry has been working with his local Wrestling organizations for years, providing promotional services in the form of posters, commercials, and more. He has offered a wide variety of tutorials in the past, and will once again be trying to help out anyone he can.

For more of Gerry’s videos, check out his Youtube channel.

Support material

Final effect in action

Video tutorial

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  1. Gerry Button

    Thanks for posting this! I have since been tweaking the effect to try and improve it with sound effects and some more animation in relation to the glass.

  2. James

    It’s been removed?

  3. Travis Marcum

    No video?

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