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1) Can I use your resources for a commercial project?
Yes, you can use our resorces in your projects and you are free to sell, distribuite and release your products; but you can’t resell or redistribuite the original files. In example you can use our icons in a web template and sell it, distribute the icons you’ve used with the theme, but you can’t re-distribute the entire icon pack; or you can use our vectors to create a t-shirt graphic and sell the t-shirt, but you can’t re-distribute the entire vector set.

2) How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from you Paypal account. Here is the process: enter your Paypal account, go to My Account > Profile > Recurring Payment Dashboard. Here you can cancel WeGraphics subscription (Action: Cancel).

3) Can I re-publish a tutorial/article?
Absolutely not. Re-publication of the entire tutorial/article is prohibited both in english and in any other language.

4) Can I re-distribute the free samples of your resources?
Our free samples are released under a creative commons 3.0 unported license. You can re-distribute and use them into your personal/commercial projects (i.e. Photoshop tutorials), but attribution and a link back to wegraphics.net is required.

5) I don’t have a Paypal account. How can I subscribe?
For the moment we accept payments only from Paypal, which is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online.

6) I’m not able to download premium resources. What can I do?
Contact us using the form on the left. Explain us the problem and we will reply to you soon. Don’t forget to enclose your membership username into the message.

7) I’ve bought a single resource through the “buy it now” button, but haven’t received the email with the download link. What can I do?
Check your spam folder, your email service may have filtered the email containing the download link. In case you won’t find that email, contact us using the form.

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