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15 vector ink strokes


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  1. PeeDeeJay

    541 downloads… and no comments?
    Well you get a tanx from me!

  2. Jess

    Thanks so much! :) These are great! :)

  3. Great brushes! I might wanna use it these days. Keep up the good work!

  4. sayan

    thank u. great stuff

  5. Dahlien

    Thank you a lot, these are great strokes, looking forward to using them!

  6. PeeDeeJay

    TANX! really great!

  7. majid

    it’s shame of us , i want thanks of your resources that share with others, and i want apologize to you for a lot of downloads without commends as my friend PeeDeeJay pointed that.
    best regards…

  8. Great Website and Great Resources!

  9. me

    thanks alot!!! :)

  10. thnkzalot! greetings from mexico, I’m an autodidact designer recently formed, great job!
    i swear to use the power to do justice haha
    may the light to open your ways, lilbro’

  11. Julicas

    THANXXXXXXXXX nice resource! from Colombia… :)

  12. fish

    Thank you for sharing! These are awesome!

  13. Mike

    Thanks very much!

  14. Maaaassaaaa…

  15. Anish

    Awesome! Thank you so much.

  16. Puja

    Great stuff !! Thanks ;)

  17. Cpchief

    Great brushes. Thanks alot!!! Nice work

  18. job

    muito legal valeu!!! mesmo!

  19. Qari

    Thanks bro
    I appreciate your great work! Bless u

  20. Thank you very much for sharing this :)

  21. Thnx Man PeeDeeJay

  22. pavu ahir

    thanks man its great . keep up good work !

  23. Genial, muchas Gracias—

  24. Alma

    This is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks! :D

  25. Ryan

    thank you so much for these great brushes! :D

  26. Lolli

    beautiful and thank you so much!

  27. key

    nice collection bro keep upload

  28. this vector set helps me a lot, thanks !

  29. bOWIEfAN

    tHanks For sHaring! good job man!

  30. Gustavo Cajal

    Thanx man! nice job!

  31. thanks, and good brush

  32. Thanks so much. I plan on visiting your site often.

  33. Thank very much.
    That Great

  34. Paul

    This was very helpful, thankyou for making and uploading

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