Vintage clouds

Vintage cloud textures
Vintage cloud textures
Vintage cloud textures


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  1. Alyx Autumn

    These are amazing, as always :)

  2. deb


    What is the western looking font in the title “Vintage Clouds” (first slide)?


    • It’s Mesquite (free)

      • Deb Prado

        I was able to find the font. Thanks!

  3. linda Clark

    you guys are so inspiring. Created some cool stuff from your tuts.

    • “Se tournent vers le ciel et dire: Bonjour, mon ami!Conserver dans le cœur ce doux moemnt et ne oblier jamais de garder un sourire…remercier toutes les be9ne9dictions et la vie autour de nous”…Happy weekend dear friend!Le9ia

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