Free social media icon set


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  1. Wonderful and awesome set of icons. Might be too perfect for my next project. Thanks for making them available for us!

  2. Only 16 in the set? I’m sure there are more social media sites than that. Anyway, they’re great. I may use them.

    • Hi danineteen,
      This is the first of a long series of icon sets we are planning to publish. Here are only the main (in my opinion) social media icons.

      • Ronald Mason

        There awesome and you gave them to us for free.

        Thanks for sharing your work

        Ronald Mason

  3. Very nice Job.

    Thanxs a lot for qharing theses icons

  4. You really did a very good job..awesome design dude!

  5. Great work….keep going

  6. Mike

    Thanks – its a big help!

  7. excellent set of icons – thank you for taking the time to do them :-)


  8. tnx … X to free

  9. Perfect. Nice stuff. Just found the website and it looks like it could be another great ressoruce for graphic designers. thank you.

  10. Kat Skinner

    This covers all the sites that I social network on – at the moment. Thanks :D

  11. Hey, great icon pack. Thnx for sharing

  12. Nice one, and quite clear too.

  13. thnks for sharing man..thnks alot..

  14. Nice work, thank you very much for sharing this great icons!

  15. Thanks for the great work and share!

  16. These are awesome! Exactly what I have been looking for.

  17. Thanks! Clean and neat icons! I currently redesigning my blog. And it seems suited on my blog. Cheers!

  18. chokoste

    this is wonderful thanks for sharing your work with the world

  19. I never thought it would be so difficult to find simple, clear icons. They’re perfect for most of my standard web designs. Thanks.

  20. Ramina

    Thank you so much :)

  21. Great Icons,
    Much crystal clear, Would use it in our new website design.

  22. Thanks so much Sebastiano these Icons are exactly what i´m searching for :)

  23. Thanks for sharing such sharp icons, worth using in upcoming website update.

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