Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons Vol 3

Stained Social Media
Stained Social Media


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  1. Alex

    Nice pack , thank you so much for these! :)

  2. Very nice. Thank you.

  3. Love all three parts of this set! Would especially love to see it include an envelope icon for email subscribers.

    • I use these on my site and I absolutely love them. However, I too pine for the day when you will create the envelope icon. :)

  4. Nedko

    Only one word – Excellent! Thanks!

  5. Jigalo

    Hey! Great icons I have them all.

    Is it possible to also add Yelp? It seems as if there are not many sets w/ yelp included.


  6. Thanks so much for adding Soundcloud and Pinterest

  7. Cool.. very cool!

  8. Would love to see GoodReads added.

  9. Nickington

    Dude, you are awesome. Just found 3 volumes and now have all the ones I was looking for.

  10. I will use this icons for my new blog…
    Thank you so much! :)

  11. Govind

    I wish I had an LinkedIn too here !!

  12. Awesome icons. Thank you.

  13. Barbara

    If you could add a SonicBids button, that would be awesome! As much as Myspace is dead, that would be a really cool addition too! :-)

  14. Barbara

    I just thought of another button: Bandcamp! Your volumes 1-3 are the best social media buttons I’ve found, so the additions would be lovely!

  15. Joost

    Fantastic icons, thanks! Would like to see Spotify in v4!

  16. Love the set, a reddit button would be nice also!

  17. hi folks, and thanks for bringing this icon set to us…
    in my opinion it’s one of the best sets i’ve ever used. clean, a portion of grunge and a fine pattern… very cool!

    plz keep going on publishing and sharing content like this! greets form germany ;)

  18. tnx bro wow :*

  19. Tinsley

    Love it. Found everything except email icon and website icon. Do you think you will have those soon?

  20. Ava

    I miss the envelope/email icon :(

  21. Sara Akl

    These are brilliant but I have yet to figure out how to use them. My laptop won’t open PNG files for some reason :( computers don’t like me much haha

  22. The email icon is greatly missed

  23. Louie

    Great work! Thanks.
    If you are planning to make the vol. 4, think about Bandcamp.

  24. Thank you..

  25. beautiful! thank you!

  26. awesoome icon, thanks for share…
    SUPER WORK..!!!!

  27. Excellent – I have been looking for weeks for a suitable set of social media icons. Glad I have finally found one to meet all the specs.

    Thank you for making it freely available – will keep an eye on your other products.

  28. Crea8iv

    nice design overall but three volumes missing G+ icon. Rivalry>? :-)

  29. Maria

    Cute icons, great work! Could you add the envelope and tripadvisor icons, please?

  30. Sophia G

    Really love these icons. Could it be possible to add the envelope and bloglovin icons?

  31. Jakki

    Love your sets! Would like to see one for Pandora and an envelope for email! :)

  32. binder

    Very very cool!
    do you have a whatsapp Icon in this design?

  33. May I ask for a Trover icon for Vol 4?

  34. Tamara

    Thank you from Buenos Aires Argentina

  35. Lisa

    Is there a set with 300 dpi for printing? =)

  36. Flo

    Great icon pac. Is it possible to add an icon for GitHub?

  37. Excellent – very good to see. Many thanks you for making available.

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