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Long Shadow Icons
Long Shadow Icons
Long Shadow Icons


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  1. These are really great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome icons! Thanks for these :)

  3. wahoooooooooo

  4. fany

    Thx. It’s beautiful

  5. Steve

    Thanks. I appreciate it..!

  6. yusuf

    A super WOW for your efforts!!!!!


    yusuf khan

  7. Beautiful – thank you!!

  8. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. DG

    Appreciate having such great options. Thanks.

  10. Albert

    perfect (y) tanks

  11. Love a resource that saves me time! <3

  12. Great. I will use them in my next webdesign project. Thank you for such great icons :)


  13. Myron

    Awesome thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Beautiful work guys! Love your website and style!

  15. don

    great icon…

  16. Awesome .. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Nice icons

  18. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing :]

  19. Thanks bro, its awesome ??

  20. Very cool, great work!

  21. good := )

  22. McGavo├ži

    Well done Thanks -:)

  23. Nice icon collection! thank you so much

  24. niana

    malware. beware

    • Niana,

      Please let us know what exactly is malware. We’ve checked out this page and nothing seems out of wack, but we could be missing it. Thanks in advance!

    • Not Malware? It’s a zip file with ONLY a PSD in it. Might want to check your computer for malware, maybe it caused the download link to change and give you a different file.

  25. Thanks!

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