Free Carbon Fiber Photoshop Patterns

Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber


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  1. LOVE these, thanks so much! :D

  2. Great! Thanks.

  3. Thank you very much! very useful this patterns!

  4. nice, classy looking backgrounds.

  5. Christian

    I love this. It completes me.

  6. slatch

    which font is this….???

  7. Nice. Any chance you’d have these in a vector format?

    • Hi Josh, no these are pixel patterns in PS only. We’ll consider doing some vectors in the future, though.

      • Hi Nathan. I actually sat down this evening and created vector versions of the 10 Photoshop files. I’m happy to send them to you to post here if you are interested. Let me know.

  8. Hey Josh… That’s awesome, and thanks for the generous offer. Send them over and we’ll consider adding them as an addition to the free download above.

    • Nathan, it’s my pleasure. I didn’t see a place to attach files in the Contact section. What email should I send the AI file to?

      • Hey Josh… Just sent you an email.

  9. Ivaldo Victor

    How to put the textures on my photoshop?

    • They can be loaded from the pattern drop down. Select the Paint Bucket Tool (G), then choose “Pattern” from the drop down in the top tool bar. Then click the down arrow next to the pattern thumb that appears in the same toolbar. From that drop down you can load more patterns by clicking the small arrow at the top and choosing “Load Patterns”.

  10. Mohsen

    this carbon very nice.
    thank you very much
    every body

  11. Thank you!!!

  12. Artikelnya menarik dan bermanfaat.
    mampir ya, saya punya DP BBM animasi / bergerak yang keren-keren.
    ==> Kumpulan DP BBM animasi / bergerak terbaru 2013

  13. Thanks. =D

  14. Ruben DarĂ­o

    Thanks, very nice patterns

  15. anne

    could you post a psd of the logo too please?

  16. James

    Thanks :)

  17. Thanks.

  18. Louisianagal

    Love this – and actually, I also love the script font that you used in the cover image above that you used to spell out “Carbon Fiber.” Could you ID this font for me please? :)

  19. Zakk Miller

    what font is the “carbon fiber” text

  20. very very very x 10k of thanks!!

  21. Paul

    Hi – thanks very much, very similar to mine, but I like the fact that you have different ones. I put quite a bit of work into one carbon fibre texture I did, had scratches and good tones – I will give to you sometime to try. Like the other posters have asked, what is the font used for your title ? It looks great.

    Reminds me of Fender Stratocaster guitars font style. Could you supply the name of the font please?

    Thanks for your work.

  22. I’m going to be creating a lot of typography posters with your texture. Thanks for putting it up and sharing it with the world! :)

  23. Naresh Dhakal

    Really Great….. Thank you so much……

  24. Joanna

    Thanks very much!

  25. Andrew

    Amazing, love you!

  26. awesome collection. Thanks for sharing

  27. nm


  28. Michele

    Love these! Thank you so much!

  29. omar

    thank you

  30. Gary

    Thank you these are great!

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