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  1. Scott

    Heey, question where in the code would i put a text and link on the pop up on an image?

  2. Kirsten McIntosh

    Sebastiano – I salute your Game of Thrones reference!

  3. Daniel

    How on earth is this responsive?

  4. John

    great work!!! Is this template responsive? I found a good one here http://responsive-websites.info/index.php?m=themes&d=detail&id=49 . Anybody know some cool sites with free responsive templates?

  5. Jack Bewer

    This theme is not responsive. It’s in poor taste to mislead people and certainly a deterrent to those considering purchasing items on WeGraphics.

  6. Francesco

    Guys media-queries and jquery rules are set for VIEWPORT insteaf of WIDTH.
    Check it on jquery.prettyPhoto.js.

    I report you what i’ve found among those lines: // Fit item to viewport
    So it would work. Just view the demo on a mobile screen.

  7. simply elegant and minimal look, i really like your work, please keep it up. Thanks!

  8. Hey guys,

    I just updated the source file. All bugs should be fixed now.

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