How the use of textures can improve your web design

How the use of textures can improve your web design

Web design is an art that needs creativity, technical knowledge and a great passion. There are many techniques to create wonderful web designs, and designers have a lot of instruments to make precious and unique a layout, but, on the other hand, it’s clear that there are some instruments that designers prefer to complete their works. One of these surely is the use of textures.

The question, at this point, is ‘Why web designers love using textures?‘ I’ve tried to answer to myself about this query, and I’ve found the 5 main reasons about the motivations behind the choise of using textures in web design works.

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Below you can find the merits (in my opinion) in the use of texture for a web design works; besides I’ll showcase 40 stunning example of textured websites. Read, browse and then tell us why (or why not) you are using textures in your projects.

Don’t forget to take a look at our database of high-quality textures or learn how to create a lovely textured web design from Photoshop to HTML/CSS.

Enhance illustrations

A subtle texture can give a strong character to a well-done illustration, in fact it can be perfect to emphasize an illustrative element in web design.

wonderful textured websites

wonderful textured websites

wonderful textured websites

Separate elements

Using two distinct textures (and colors) it’s possible to clearly differentiate two (or more) parts of a web design.

wonderful textured websites

wonderful textured websites

Emphasize the contents

A soft and subtle texture (or pattern) could be the perfect choice when you want to give a great relevance to your contents. In this case you need to build a good layout where typography and white spaces are used in clever way.

wonderful textured websites

wonderful textured websites

Add depth and reality

Textures give a touch of ‘reality’ to your web deisgn works. Concrete, metal and wooden textures are are extrapolated from real object and they can be used to make substantial some design elements.

wonderful textured websites

wonderful textured websites

Originality, semplicity and appeal

A good use of textures and patterns in a well-designed website can donate the ‘WOW’ factor to your work and makes it really attractive… all this with semplicity and originality.

wonderful textured websites

A showcase of beautiful textured websites

Here you can take a look at some gorgeous websites that have a great and unique use of textures. Enjoy them!

Word Refuge

wonderful textured websites

The Wayward Irregular

wonderful textured websites


wonderful textured websites

Veerle’s blog 3.0

wonderful textured websites

Los colores olvidados

wonderful textured websites

Knoxville Tennessee WordPress Design Company

wonderful textured websites

Christopher Calicott

wonderful textured websites

Hello, we’re Electric Pulp

wonderful textured websites


wonderful textured websites

Team Fannypack

wonderful textured websites


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  1. javier c

    Nice, nice, nice post. Just to the piont.

    In my opinion the key for a great textured website is that it should be subtle. Thank you for sharing good information.

  2. Some really beautiful work here thank you for featuring mine :)

    • Ditto. Thanks for featuring one of our sites on this really exceptional list. There are quite a few here that I am just in love with.

  3. great article, and couldn’t agree more. admittedly i’ve only recently started applying textures and can see huge improvements in when looking back at older work.

    even a really subtle bit makes all the difference

  4. Great to see these all together – a really useful resource

  5. PS: that Utah website is very cool!

  6. Great post – especially the examples, some great stuff in there. This is definitely something I need to start practicing in my work.

  7. Thanks for including IndoFolio. Your website looks awesome btw!

  8. Great samples of work. Very inspiring!

  9. Wow great post!

    The only issue i sometimes have is with larger textures which can sometimes take long to load on slow connections.

    But definitely time to use more textures in our designs.

  10. Just pointing out… CodeCopia was built off a website template, and the original had much better typography. Nothing against them, just give credit where credit’s due.

  11. Lots of inspiring sites listed! I absolutely love textures in web design and really think they can enhance the site.

  12. Awesome guide! Great resource on how to use but not ‘overuse’ textures.

  13. Hector

    Hola…!!! Cuanta cosa buena

  14. Fantastic article. To the point and brimming full of inspiration.

  15. Wow—thanks for including my site among some titans of design. I’m flattered!

  16. Of course, what a magnificent website and instructive posts, I surely will bookmark your site.Best Regards!

  17. Wow, this is a huge collection, great work!

  18. One word “awesome”!!!! Really like this collection of textures and websites… Great blog post! :D

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