The Blank Slate: What is Your Favorite Brand?

The Blank Slate: What is Your Favorite Brand?

As designers we are often tasked with creating a brand for a business. Sometimes this is a simple logo design and collateral, and sometimes it’s a large scale brand strategy that includes everything from logo, imagery and style to secondary colors and usage rules. It’s always a fun gig to learn about what makes a brand tick and help to put a face on it. When a client truly understands the importance of branding and the message they want to convey, it can be very exciting to bring that message to life visually.

There are tons of brands that I admire and love to follow. Apple, Zappos, GoMedia and Simms… Just to name a few.

I’m curious to know…

What is Your Favorite Brand?

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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a graphic designer who loves working with various media. He combines traditional art styles with a little experimentation and digital flare. Nathan's works have contained everything from ink and paint to leaves and a box of dirt. Everything is fare game when it comes to his approach to art. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas where he has been working as a designer for 10 years.


(+add yours)
  1. Apple, because it is simply and elegant and highly recognizable.

  2. Either Apple or Nike! Both very simple and stylish!

  3. Coca-Cola. They designed their logo in 1886 and though the made modifications on it, it never stopped being highly recognizable and reflecting their identity. And no matter what you write with their typography, you always end up reading Coca-Cola!!!

  4. I really like HP, because I believe they will haunt Apple in a few years. The new HP tablet looks incredible!

  5. Sometimes the designer is really clever and makes the logo very simple yet includes a hidden message within the logo that has deeper meaning. This represents that Amazon sell everything from a to z and the smile on the customers face when they bought a product..

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