The Blank Slate: How Do You Stay Current?

The Blank Slate: How Do You Stay Current?

Hello to the designers, graphic lovers and the Photoshop obsessed that frequent WeGraphics. My name is Nathan Brown, and I am the brand new WeGraphics blog editor. You may have seen me around or downloaded some of my Photoshop brushes from the Resources Department. If so, you already know a little bit about me, if not… all you need to know is that I’m obsessed with all things design and I’m extremely excited about all that is happening at WeGraphics. I’ve got some exciting stuff planned for the blog so be sure to stop by frequently and grab a bite of what’s cookin’.

I’d like to start off with a series of posts that I’m calling “The Blank Slate”… This is a term that I often use with clients who are asking for a design but don’t have a clear vision of what they are asking for. So that’s exactly what I would like to do with this series of posts. I’ll propose an open topic for discussion, and then you (the reader) are invited to chime in on your thoughts and experiences.

So let’s get started. For the first round I’d love to know as a professional designer, student, or hobbyist… how do you stay current with design trends? In this day and age we, as designers, are inundated with tons of information, new styles, new trends, and inspiration from all corners of the web.

Is it online tutorials, downloaded resources, video walk-throughs, blogs and articles, printed magazines or something completely different that keeps you current in the design world? Lets us know how you manage to take it all in, and how inspiration overload effects your design work.

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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a graphic designer who loves working with various media. He combines traditional art styles with a little experimentation and digital flare. Nathan's works have contained everything from ink and paint to leaves and a box of dirt. Everything is fare game when it comes to his approach to art. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas where he has been working as a designer for 10 years.


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  1. In my case the main source to stay updated is the web, once per day a take a look at my rss and designers tweets. Some magazine like ComputerArts and DigitalArts are very useful tool.

    The main source of inspiration is the real life. In these days I’m in London and this awesome city has something inspiring and unique to show at every corner.

  2. Jeff

    For myself I like to read online tutorials, blogs and articles. I am not very engaged into video walk-throughs or tutorials for some reason. Print magazines are nice to have around sometimes, but I find that I am reading them less and less.

    I am new to the design world, so I am still trying to find the best inspirations for myself…I assume that will come with time.

  3. Here at BKMedia Group we stay current by following tutorials and blogs, magazines and publications, twitter and social media. Each of our employees has a different technique that works best for them, and it is the collaboration of those techniques that makes us the loopy group we are.

    We are pretty much design information junkies!

  4. I was once very into print and design magazines as well, but I’m finding myself relying on online tutorials, articles social media more and more.

    Sebastiano… The daily check of the RSS feed list is a good tip!

  5. frankJL

    New to the design community. I.T person on a quest to be a web developer/designer. I have an iPad and I use Flipboard strictly for web design content. I have numerous blogs that I follow with you guys being one. I think for any designer, Individual really interested in the creative field. There is no better place than to follow blogs. The amount of information you guys providen is essential. I fuel my creative by seeing the work of awesome designers all over the Internet. Another amazing tool I am using to brush up on my skills. STUMBLEUPON. I configured it for all design/ development related and I’ve stumbled over really helpful tutorials and tips.

    I have actually made it a source for my learning. I click on the stumble, whatever tutorial I stumble upon. I follow it until I am done.

    • Yes Stumbleupon is a good tool, even if I find it a bit “complicated” if compared to other tool. The great thing of Stumbleupon is the possibility to discover new sites/blog everyday

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