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Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons Vol 2

Stained Social Media Vol 2
Stained Social Media Vol 2


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  1. mitchell gracey

    Nice thank you

  2. muchas gracias.

  3. Beautiful collection!

  4. Simple yet creative icon pack, thanks for including Google+.

  5. BuletSts

    Gracias! :DD

  6. Now with g+, thanks!

  7. Thanks..so wonderful design. I like so much this graphic. I hope to use in my next blog!

  8. This is great, but it’s pretty much useless without Facebook.

    • Ha oops – didn’t see that there’s another pack.

      • hehehe… I was just about to complain about the missing FaceBook icon too… :P

  9. carolinaki

    Really love these! Many thanks! Hope there is a Volume 3 with Instagram, Spotify and Pinterest!

    • Kathleen


    • Nickington

      Yes….totally agree!

  10. Henk

    Great set(s) both this one and the volume 1!
    I would love to have some icons for MySpace and Hyves(is some dutch social media), hopefully a volume 3 is coming!

  11. Very nice good work

  12. Philipp

    Great job! If you create Vol. 3 please add a icon for emails/contacts.

  13. Lovely!

    These are great. How about Etsy & GitHub in volume 3?

  14. These icons are awesome! If you could add a Pinterest icon in Vol. 3, that would be even better.

  15. I would love to use these but I’m missing Pinterest. Any chance that you’ll add it soon?

  16. Ludovico

    Muchisimas gracias

  17. no facebook!?

  18. Love the icon set! It’s beautiful…

    Do you have any plans to include Pinterest in the collection?

    • Hey Mark and Beny… Check out the vol 1 and vol 3 sets for those icons.

  19. sofia

    Thanks for sharing! Great collection!!

  20. No pinterest… :(

  21. Nice,But where is facebook? :(

    • Be sure to check out Vol1 and Vol3 for Facebook, and many others.

  22. MeMi

    Thanks mate, you’re awesome

  23. Thanks for these buttons, but can I can get PayPal icon in this style or tutorial so I can make my own?

  24. Anuradha

    How can download icons?
    I am getting download link…. :(

  25. Anuradha

    hey I got it… sorry to bother everyone…

  26. Wow … Very nice Social Buttons

  27. yahaya


  28. Ramsay

    Lovely take on the classics. Thank you!

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