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Aluminum Vector Icons

Aluminum Vector Icons
Aluminum Vector Icons
Aluminum Vector Icons


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  1. Deb Prado

    Very cool.

    What is the background you used in the slides?


  2. Hi Deb,

    The background was from the Subtle Gronge Textures Vol2 by Caleb, here’s the link: http://wegraphics.net/downloads/textures/subtle-grunge-textures-vol2/

    Glad you like the icons!

    — Mason

  3. These ROCK!


    Hi Mason Hipp,
    its great sir i love to try any tuts for this so please post any tuts for this also on this site.

  5. Chuck Spidell

    These are so slick. Thanks for posting.

  6. Nanci Murdock


    Loving these! …any chance we could grab a Google+ and LinkedIn?

    Thank you!

    Nanci Murdock

  7. same here waiting for badly Google+ and LinkedIn

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