How to publish a new resource (tutorial for contributors)

Here you can learn the process (super-easy!) to publish new resources on WeGraphics. This tutorial is for all the awesome contributors. Remember that premium resources previews require particular attention to details. It’s not enough to create a great resource, it is also necessary to show a great preview of the same. The more the sets will be appreciated, the more you will get exposure.

What do you have to create before publishing?

  • The resource, of course. Upload the resource in your Dropbox folder.
  • 2 or more large preview images (580×380 pixels) that will be showed in the slide of the single product page. The first preview contains the title of the set (use simple typography that enhances the set) and, eventually, some set details. In the second image put a full preview of the set elements. You can add even more preview images, if necessary. Download the WeGraphics watermark here.
  • 1 preview image for the resource gallery (280×180 pixels), without text, that will be displayed in the homepage and in the resources pages.
  • 1 small preview for the related resources (100×100 pixels), displayed below the slide in each product page.
  • 1 super small preview (50×50 pixels) that will be displayed in the footer of the site.

Create the set post in WordPress

1) After made the login go to Posts>Add new.

2) Copy and paste the following code (make attention to copy it into the HTML tab, not the Visual one!)

<div>[hidepost] download monitor [/hidepost]</div>
<div>[show_add_to_cart][cart-button item="X" style="float: left;"][/show_add_to_cart]</div>
<div class="clear"></div>
<ul class="res_det">
<li class="date">Feb 11, 2011</li>
<li class="filetype"><em>.ABR</em>, <em>.AI</em></li>
<li class="dim">6,9 MB</li>
<li class="items">15 items</li>
<li class="license"><a href="">License</a></li>
<li class="download"><a href="#">Free Sample</a></li>
<p>Description here</p>

This is the code needed to display the file details. Change the date in according with the resources calendar, update the file types, the file size (size of the .zip file), the number of items and add a brief description of the set.

3) Upload all the preview images using the apposite WordPress button (top-left). Save into a .txt file the url of each image. To display the preview images we use the WordPress custom fields. Simply select the name of the apposite custom field and put the url of the image into the “value” field. The names of the custom fields are already available in the menu.

- resource_thumb (for the gallery image, 280×180 px)

- res_thumb_related (for the related resource image, 100×100 px)

- foot_thumb (for the footer image, 50×50 px)

- slide_res (for the slide images, 580×380 px)
For the slide images, this is the code to put inside the “value” field:

<img src="url_image1" alt="set title" /><img src="url_image2" alt="set title" />

4) Choose the category and add 2 or more tags. The first tag to add is always the name of the category. We use specific tags to filter the resource subcategories. Here is the list of tags you can use:

- abstract
- dirty-grunge
- nature-brushes
- paint
- misc-elements
– decorative-brushes

- decorative
- grunge-splatters
- nature-vectors
- objects-symbols
- illustrations

- coloring
- 3d
- grunge
- paper
- misc-materials
- patterns

- tee
- cd
- technology
- misc-mockup
– poster

- social-media
- portfolio
- interface
- web-apps
– e-commerce
- misc-icons

5) Done! Now click on “save draft”. An administrator will verify everything is ok and the set will be published.

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