Creative Monkeys, an unique portfolio template

Creative Monkeys
Creative Monkeys
Creative Monkeys
Creative Monkeys


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  1. Nice template, like the background.

  2. Jean-Baptiste Lalangue

    clean, fresh, beautiful !

  3. Kramer

    beautiful! does it come as a wordpress theme by any chance?

    • Hi Kramer,

      We’re working right now to turn all the html templates in wordpress themes

      • Kramer

        Great news!

      • Let me know when you do this I could really use!

  4. Does the contact form work?

  5. When will this be available as a wordpress template?

    • Hi Rasmus,

      We are working right now on new WordPress themes, and we’re also turning our html templates in wordpress templates. Just a bit of patience

      • Thank you Sebastiano

        I look forward to seeing this design as a wordpress template.

      • Just found this template and if it were in WordPress I would have purchased it immediately for my personal site ( It’s really sweet! Great work!

  6. Jeff Boldt

    Does the monkey come as vector artwork?

  7. Josh Coast

    NIce work, I really like this site too. You guys are px masters!

  8. Tori Bishop

    Any update on when this will be available as a WP theme?

    • Gregory Scott

      I’m very interested in the WP sites too. Status?

  9. assaoui hafid

    Hello, I like it so much and am going to use it with some modification for my own website, can you please tell me how to do to make the contact form work

  10. Gregory Scott

    You guys going to be releasing this in WP? its been since last November since WE said they were working on it…

  11. Manuel

    I want to use this template, but I need to translate it. any chance, that the fonts, used in the images, are available as web fonts?

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  15. I very rarely comment on these items, but I assumed this on deserved a well done you

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