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Voevo One Page HTML
Voevo One Page HTML
Voevo One Page HTML
Voevo One Page HTML


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  1. Amazing!

  2. Carlag


    I bought this template on the 1st of July, and the portfolio links to their individual pages (ie. project-1.html and project-2.html) don’t work at all just like in your demo. What can I do to fix this? I need to have individual project pages liked to the images in my portfolio.

    By the way, I love this template.


    • Hi Carlag, It sounds like the lightbox isn’t working fully for you. Care to share your site link so I can figure out exactly what’s wrong? Also, check your developer tools for any errors from javascript files or other files that might be there.

      • Carlag

        Thanks for the quick reply. My site hasn’t been published, Im still working on it. But I am actually working with the purchased template, I still haven’t touched anything major. When i looked into the template’s “portfolio”section of “index.html”, the images are actually linked to project pages; and although those pages are included in the template when previewing the template the clicked images don’t go anywhere [even though the webpage status bar clearly states the linked page].

        I checked the template’s demo on your site and the links don’t work either. Check out the demo at the right side bar on this page.

        Thanks again.

      • Carlag

        Actually I just checked the demo on your site again… and it works. However, i previewed the purchased template copy (untouched by me) and it doesn’t work. Can the downloaded template be faulty??


      • Carlag

        Just realized….. the project expander is not working while previewing the template in browsers…


    • It sounds like you just don’t have the .js files linked properly from the homepage, so it’s not loading some javascript functionality. It’s extremely hard to troubleshoot this from here when you’re working on your local system. If you could upload it to a development section, then we can take a further look. But make sure that the javascript files (jquery and all plugin files) are actually being loaded, as those project-1.html and project-2.html files load a small amount of HTML into a lightbox-like display and should not actually be opening the html files directly.

      • Hi there… Some of the files in this template won’t work when viewed locally. You’ll have to upload them to a production server to test them out.

      • Carlag

        Thanks for everything… Everything is just fine… it works perfectly… thanks again.

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