Vector Splatter Collection

Splatter Collection
Splatter Collection
Splatter Collection
Splatter Collection


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  1. Paul Bonnici

    Hi Nathan, :)

    You know, one thing I love about WG is that the artists here, like you, don’t skimp on quality just because the particular item is a free giveaway. :) The quality is as good as items paid for (which are well worth it IMHO!)

    I have a membership, so they are just a very nice bonus for me. Just thought I’d say what I’ve been thinking for awhile. :)

    Thanks again! Cheers. :D

  2. mesnier pierre

    The quality is great as usual. Netherthless, I feel we have had already dozens of splatter brushes and effects. Maybe it is time to come up with graphics elements that are new and original instead of repeating the same ideas again and again, even if they are good. Just saying.

  3. Thanks so much for this!

  4. Liz

    It seems to be only for Mac users – what about us PC’s out there?

  5. Letta

    Hi) Thanks for much!
    Can I use these resourse for my stock works?

  6. Edelcio

    Super cool! thank you!

  7. Larissa

    Liz, these work fine on PC.

  8. Divair

    Thanks a lot! Great quality work as usual :)

  9. Dragos

    Thank you!

  10. These are great. Thanks!

  11. Nismo

    Thanks !

  12. Thanks once again for high quality vector brushes :-)

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