Vector Comic Book Speech Bubbles

Comic Speech Bubbles
Comic Speech Bubbles
Comic Speech Bubbles


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  1. ch

    I would be great if you guys sold a template version of your buttons that you use on this site. The way they are 3d and go down on hover is awesome and the lighting and texture on the orange “become a member” button is great. I have crappy design skills so would love to buy those as editable template.

    • John

      I’m agree with you ch. Those buttons are awesome. If you can not provide us these buttons, at least give us a link from where to download something similar.

  2. Hey guys, I think I have a solution for you. They’re not quite the same as the buttons here, but in any case they would do the job. The collection has 36 buttons, 6 different buttons in 6 different colors, and they are free for commercial use, so you won’t have any problems using them in your projects.
    You can get them here,, but you will have to register before downloading.
    Also, I don’t really think the guys at webgraphics will just hand out their hard worked graphics from their site. Try searching a bit and “ch” you can find tons upon tons of quality tutorials online about how to create buttons for websites… Experiment! :-)

    • John

      Thank you for reply Gabriel, I will give it a shot.

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