3D Abstract Renders Vol2

3d abstract renders preview 1
3d abstract renders preview 1
3d abstract renders preview 1


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  1. Nur Fathihah

    Nice one. Love the colors. :)

  2. Yeh colors and details are amazing. Great job Joe!

  3. Nice 3D renders, thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice texture..cool share

  5. Claudio Rivera

    WOOW !!! I love very much these really beautiful and excellently made 3D Renders, very artistic and great colors and shapes. Would be very good to know how have been done

  6. Shalyn Davis

    how do i get these brushes to come up in photoshop CS5?

    • You have to load brushes files (.ABR) through the brushes palette in Photoshop. To get there, select the brush tool and click the drop down to select a brush. You should see a small arrow in the top right of the palette. Click the arrow and then click “Load Brushes”. There’s more info on brushes and other great PS tips here.

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