Mostrare – A Free Photography Portfolio PSD Template

Mostrare Portfolio
Mostrare Portfolio
Mostrare Portfolio


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  1. it’s realy nice
    but i have a favor to ask
    Can i turn it to a free wordpress theme ??
    :) :) :) :)

  2. fg

    Me too. I’d like to know how can I use it.
    Thank you.

  3. Brandi

    I LOVE this! How do I use it with my ftp site? I have no clue how to install it. Please help

  4. Brandi

    I use fatcow and am new to fatcow too

  5. Annie

    Very cool! How do I use it?

  6. DG

    Beautiful! Thanks.

  7. gkkk04

    Great resource; thanks! I really appreciate all the freebies you share, btw.

  8. Alexis

    Thank you for providing great tool! :)

  9. This is a great resource thank you for sharing. To all the questions on how to use it for your website…. you will need to convert the files to either css, html, or for use as a WordPress theme. There are services that will do this for you. if you are using Creative Cloud the new Photoshop has the ability to capture all the components and create the css and html for you. You would then need to build your site as using the css and html using something like Dreamweaver. I hope this helps.

  10. Rochelle

    Thank you for ALL the freebies and resources that you guys send!!!
    They are really helpful and very much appreciated!!!

  11. For those who are asking how to use this, it is a layout to be “cut up” if you want to incorporate into a website, using direct HTML pages or using WordPress. If you are not familiar with creating a WordPress site using the WordPress blank template, you will need to learn how to do that first.

    Either way, making a full functioning website based on this is step one, i.e., your web pages will be built from scratch and using CSS to make them look like the excellent layout provided here in this mockup.

  12. SaWKat

    I will convert it in wordpress. if anyone needed just email me at “”


  13. Michele

    Awesome! Thanks so much!

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