MOJO – A Clean and Modern PowerPoint Template

Mojo PowerPoint
Mojo PowerPoint
Mojo PowerPoint
Mojo PowerPoint


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  1. Gavin Preece

    Mainly Loves This !!! Thank you very much indeed :)

  2. Alex Molett

    Thanks! this is dope!

  3. April Young

    This is beautiful!

  4. Daniel

    I just bought this but it will not open on my PC it keeps saying it is damaged or it cannot be opened on this computer… Can someone please tell me whats going on?

  5. Alice

    I was wondering if this template would work on PC and Mac. Thanks!

  6. Yipwai

    Hi, does this fit with powerpoint 2007?

  7. Emily


    I purchased this awesome template however, the title slide advertised in your photos (with the big black dot in the middle) is not included. Is that sold separately?

  8. Max Jerome

    This is an awesome template please design more items with this theme

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