Lounge Room Canvas

lounge room canvas
lounge room canvas


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  1. Umar Irshad

    great details, good work again Diego :)

  2. good work Diego! i look uo to your works, every works is full of details!

  3. rayana

    in my head it was a coffee lounge this inspired me to mix it up its brilliant

  4. free nice

  5. Chris


    very nice. I’m looking for something like this, for presenting my paintings in a room atmosphere, but more “elegant”, an elegant sofa without the speakers.
    Do you offer something like that some day?
    Let me know please.


    • Hi Chris,

      Yes we can work on this idea.

      ps: from the psd file you can hide the speakers :-)

  6. really fresh piece…
    i just need another couch as well :D

  7. manamedia

    Just a question, I have paid my membership fees, and when I go to download this file, it is asking for a 5.99 purchase fee – is this correct? Not complaining, just clarifying as I was under the impression getting files on here was a one off payment etc.

    Love this work by the way.

  8. Mikhail Gritsak

    Great item, love the details and idea!
    I’m working on mockup item and I have a question for you guys.
    My item will be basically multiple choice of floors, walls, lights and different mockup items in single set.
    Question to you guys, can I use some items from this mockup? Items like couch, speakers…
    My item aw course will be for sale.


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