Matches – A Hand Drawn Condensed Font

Matches Font
Matches Font
Matches Font


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  1. very good , tanks you

  2. Marketing Police

    I get an email saying I can download this font for free. I take the time to click through and see that you want 4.99 to download the font.

    #1. This is bad business and lacks integrity.
    #2. Don’t blame this on an crooked affiliate. The email came from you per the email address and the link had no affiliate ID.
    #3. I just tweeted your behavior to 2.3 million people warning them not to do business with a dishonest company like this.

    Shame on you.

    • Patrick

      Talk about an over-reaction, ‘Marketing Police’. I am sure this is a simple error. I have downloaded plenty of free, high-quality resources from wegraphics based on their emails. Perhaps you should find out if this is a mistake before trying to destroy someone’s business?

      • I concur, Patrick. I’ve had the same experience and first time I’ve run into this sort of “bait and click” behaviour from wegraphics. May have been unintentional. “Marketing Police” really flew off the handle though. Curious as to whether this anonymous poster truly has 2.3 M followers :)

      • Thanks for the defense guys, it’s good to know that not everyone jumps to the worst conclusion straight away. Was definitely a mistake on our part and I’ve updated the resource to be free now.

        Download and enjoy as usual, and my apologies for the earlier error.

      • Patricia

        I agree.
        Sometimes people do make a mistake.”Marketing Police:.
        But they found out about it, and they fixed it. Things happen.
        Did you ever make a honest mistake “Marketing Police?”

    • Policing the Marketing Police

      Relax…take a deep breath…send an email to the website and let them know that they have a problem before you go out and tell “2.3 million people” not to do business with a company that made a programming error. You, obviously, have never made an error…except for maybe getting out of bed this morning.

      Oh, and that tweet that you sent out is now null and void because the fine folks at WeGraphics have correct their mistake. I think that you owe them an apology and a retraction tweet.

      • LOL. Well said :)

        And thanks for another great share, WG. Always appreciated. Cheers!

    • Marketing Police

      My apologies. I did over react. I did NOT tweet anything. This was the 3rd “crooked” email I had opened within 10 minutes this morning.

      Sounds like you have a good loyal following and do good clean business. Sorry!

      • Cheers for stepping up with an apology, MP! Not many would. (and let’s keep the honesty rolling, you don’t really have 2.3 million Twitter followers, do you? ;)

  3. Paul

    I think Marketing Police has put the case very clearly. BUT!
    I think it is not fair to “tweet your behavior to 2.3? million people”and label you ‘dishonest’ without at least affording you the courtesy of a reply in your defense.
    I have followed this site for a long time and this is the first time I can remember the ‘free’ resource not being free.
    I have been very happy to take what is free and it would be pretty poor of me to blow up over one blemish.

    • Dane

      Marketing Police has NOT put the case very clearly.

      Check their website where it is stated: “The Marketing Police website is operated by Cook Profitability Services, a San Antonio based web site design and SEO company.”

      They are clearly going after a competitor. That is clearly bad business practice..

      Thanks for the FREE font.

  4. Geoff

    In the email it does indeed state ‘Download the free resource’, Paul, but maybe Marketing Police goes a little ballistic. As you say, it’s a small blemish from an otherwise great service.
    My experience of WeGraphics to date is only positive. They share an awful lot of wonderful graphic material; much of it for free.
    Keep up the good work guys and gals :-)

  5. Hi there,

    before you can convince someone to pay for something you need to get them on board.
    Show them your stuff, explain why it would make sense for them to join/buy/contribute and detail what they would get out of it (really cool font, helping small business, being on the cutting edge of technology—I am throwing some stuff here to give you ideas but you really should only advertise what you provide).

    Too often the landing page seems to want to push you into purchasing without convincing you first that you are getting a deal and so it makes it difficult for the visitor. You might have the best font for my job but perhaps I was just browsing, wanted to know more and was not ready to purchase. You need to build confidence and reputation first, the sales will follow.

    As for the freemium strategy, if you don’t value your work, why should we? And why do I have to scroll down to find out who you are and what you do in the about us blurb? That information really ought to be toward the top.

    Anyway, I am glad this gave me an opportunity to have a look around as I am in the process of unsubscribing from a whole bunch of emails and yours is a keeper for now.

    Best regards,

  6. Ok…is this a bait and switch deal? I’ve downloaded “free” stuff from you guys in the past and by-and-large have been very happy with the resources. This is a nice font and I could certainly put it to use. However as stated above by other subscribers, you’re charging $4.99. Please explain how this is “free”?

  7. Hey Guys,

    My sincere apologies for this — we messed up the email and accidentally pointed it to the wrong resource. For those of you who know us we release freebies like this every week: it was definitely not intentional!

    We’ve gone ahead and made this resource a free download and are sending an updated email out to everyone. You should be able to get it directly now and enjoy just like all of our other freebies.

    Sorry again for the mixup!

    — Mason

    • Geoff

      In my opinion there was just a little over reaction here, Mason, for a small error.
      Not quite sure what Philippe’s problem is either.
      I don’t suppose you’ll miss his participation much :-)

      Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks so much!

  9. splat

    Hey Marketing Police. You need to police your rage over a freebie. Mistakes happen and they just sent out an email that it is fixed. Apologies are probably accepted for your stupid rage.

  10. ME

    Don’t always jump the gun! Thanks for fix in Mason!!!!

  11. ME

    that was bad!….THANKS FOR FIXING IT MASON….

  12. Jack


  13. paul

    thanks for the freebie you didn’t have to freebie, particularly with the nasty takers of the free chiming in

  14. nismo

    Merci !

  15. Just got the email about the error on the site. What an over reaction from Marketing Police!
    I’ve been on this subscribe list for ages and such is my experience with WeGraphics that when I couldn’t download the font for free, I though it was an error on my part.
    Awesome font!
    Cheers guys

  16. Got it…thanks!

  17. Todd Scheitler

    As always superior goodies!!! little comment: who could complain about free????

  18. Fantastic work and cant believe its for free!

  19. Thank you yet again for your lovely design work and incredible generosity. I can’t think of anyone on the web who sets a better example or gives better value.

  20. claudya guerr


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