Minicons, 50 Small Web Icons



(+add yours)
  1. these are awesome

  2. Bulat Shaydullin


  3. Sam Estok

    Keep the class coming! Gorgeous.

  4. Wow, its cool…

  5. Mark Abucayon

    can this be use for a theme for sale at TF? :)

  6. Daniel Dawson

    Very sexy!

  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if you can add a vector version of this set?

    These are great. I would love be able to scale them up.



  8. Alternately, 512px PSD’s (like the Nitro Series Pack for example) would work great if Ai’s are unavailable.

    Thanks again!

  9. Aaron Price

    A phone would complete this! :(

  10. Bryan Zawlocki

    yes no phone! I had to make my own. Also when I download the icons are dark colored, opposite of what you have displayed above. Where are the light colored icons?

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