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Social Media Branding
Social Media Branding


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  1. Robert

    These templates are unusual awesome. This is wut I want for web designers, not that commercial stuff that you see every day. I hate going for the motto: “You gotta keep up with the fashion!” I am a conservator about these things. If someone know real collections of templates please post! Thank u!!

    • John

      What type of templates do you need Robert? You could search on, there you will find a lot of free website templates/themes/etc.

      • I hate to be a newb but is there a way to use these without Photoshop or is there an alternative that you recommend?

  2. Great release guys, thanks for the freebie. :)

  3. Robert

    Thanks John! This website is just awesome! I found Joomla Templates for a lifetime!!! Cheers!!!

  4. Nathan Brown is a #BEAST!

  5. zupulido

    Excellent and beautifull design. Thank you

  6. Awesome! Thank you very much!


  7. Thank you so much for another set of awsome freebies.
    I can always count on you guys to deliver!!

  8. Stumbled across this site in cyber space some time ago and the free items have been simply sensational! Head and shoulders above the rest of the crap that is out there.. As soon a project comes through where I could utilise any of your resources you will have a new monthly subscriber !


    A faithful follower of your awesomeness :)

  9. Lee Wells

    I am new at this Facebook and Twitter thing so I have no idea how to use these templates. Is there a tutorial or is there something I missed? Thanks

  10. Thanks all for the awesome comments!

    Lee… These templates are psd files that you can customize and upload to twitter as your background image, or to facebook as your timeline header.

  11. Jessy

    Just wanted to express my thanks at sharing great stuff! I am new too and find all these very cool!

  12. M

    Just a heads up, “timeline” is spelled “timline” on the sample.

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