Dynamic Light Special FX Brushes

Special FX
Special FX
Special FX
Special FX


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  1. Larry Carpenter

    I cant get this download to open in CS3

  2. stunning set! thank you a lot :)

  3. Gaga Blues

    Thank you so much!! Very very useful indeed

  4. kosar

    so cool thank u so much

  5. Phoenix

    thanks sooo much this is really amazing cant wait to use them

  6. Ron

    Thank man. great work.

  7. Thank you verry much.

  8. sethur boss

    Really superp

  9. Debbie

    Thank you so much for these great brushes!

  10. Jennifer

    thank you!

  11. Berit Burby

    Incredible work…s…

  12. these brushes are not compatible with Photoshop CS 6

    • correction, depends on which of the 2 files are opened.

  13. Celia

    Thank you for this special FX.

  14. mark

    guys, do you have any idea how was this brush done manually? I’m really curious

  15. Follow back sudah sob

  16. Davies

    Thank you ever so much for sharing your brushes. Will put them to good use.

  17. SteveG

    Thanks, I look forward to using some of these soon. They look great.

  18. SS Murthy

    Thank you for special FX brushes

  19. Sho L

    Thank you for sharing these brushes!

  20. Ray

    It’s really irritating how all of these great brushes are only available for MacOS!
    i really want to try them out but i can’t open them

  21. Awesome work. Will be using light FX brushes in my next project

  22. darasavor

    Thank you for the brushes… Cool!

  23. Gideon

    very very Good for this brush

  24. Pengy

    Beautiful, thank you!

  25. sreekanth

    how i can download this

  26. Martha

    Do these brushes work with Photoshop Elements 13?

    • Brad Lenox

      Martha, you can load the .abr file directly into Elements.

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