Dark Overlay Texture Pack

Dark Overlay
Dark Overlay
Dark Overlay


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  1. Joe

    Thanks for the great files!

  2. Great!! I LOVE TEXTURES! Thank you!! :D

  3. Divair

    Great textures! Thank you very much!

  4. Alexis

    tks bro

  5. Thanks very much, and Happy New Year!

  6. Awesome set! I sure thank you!


  7. Omar D

    Thank you very much!

  8. jg

    these are awesome! thank-you!

  9. Super graphics – thanks! I had a problem extracting wg_dark_overlay_textures_2.jpg – keep getting error in archive.


  10. A Great New Year’s Gift WEGraphic’s ~ I hope you’re guys spread the premium class ‘Freebie’s’ over 2014, bring in the punters and hoping it would increase you’re memberships…

    Much Appreciated, These will come in handy for a banner and avatar set I’m creating as soon as I can find that extra time, has the Holiday season been kind to everyone? plenty of time to spruce up your personal sites, folio’s, blogs and inspiration for those dev projects :-)

    For me it’s found an inner inspiration & *fingers crossed* a PHP/mySQL Coder to do 45mins code fixing/touch-up to complete a much needed function to finally get us into BETA stages & finally leave ALPHA behind in the code-dust after mths of delay…
    As for my inspiration, I came up with a few new graphic elements for the Design side of things (as so far being in ALPHA still with over 27,000+ Users thx to Google) & has NO Design at all, well a 2min Logo I whipped together after a few beers in Photoshop – it’s not too bad and get’s the point across which was the goal until I had time to Illustrate the actual sketched logo.

    So In regards to my Injury (Sciatic nerve damage (L4/5 Bulge + Sciatica now diagnosed) was in bed on back for 9wks) I used a pad & pen/pencil & those pain killers kept some lovely designs flowing which I can know actually (as of 4th wk now whoo hoo use a Notebook again and sit) – SO THX SANTA for Giving me some GFX Design Inspiration & Getting the ball rolling on our Crowd-Coded Projects underway again, all we need now is a Website Designer/Web Coder so we can launch our BETA finally…. (Just send us a Creative Web Designer/Web Coder so we’ve got a Design to our approx 3-5pg total design size, inner can be template based for future additions, main service is ‘WebApp-Style’ all on main page, and all jQuery is complete unless by miracle Santa has once of those to customize ;-)

    OK RANT OVER – These Pain Killers, Great for Inspiration & Creativity, yet Hopeless when u put you’re mind to a simple task though. “Thank WG 4 Set, Ask for More Premium Freebies this year…. NO NO, PREMIUM FREEBiES GUYS, Get RT’ed and Blogged like Hell, Thanks Santa for my being able to walk and move again, ask him for a Student/Freelance/Bored/Curious CODER wanting a almost 30K+ Super-Niche ALPHA Service on FOLIO & Add more Designers to our V.I.P Creative Community Founded, Crowd-Developed & Sourced Project Collective….


  11. Debra

    Thanks for the beautiful dark overlay textures. I love adding textures to my images and these will work a treat. :)

  12. Nismo

    Super. Merci pour les textures, elles sont top.

  13. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

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