CSS3 only accordion menu

CSS3 accordion
CSS3 accordion
CSS3 accordion
CSS3 accordion


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  1. Paul Bonnici

    Another very nice and useful addition to the CSS3 lineup! :D

    Thanks again,

  2. Sebastiano

    u welcome Paul ;)

  3. jeffrey prochaska

    Can someone clue in a newbie. I’m building my first WP site using a premium theme. I see in this Zip File
    1. CSS – I choose the color/folder I want, copy & paste the CSS text onto any page of my website, as with a short-code? Or, do I need to paste this into the php file somewhere?
    2. IMG – images for the menu, how do I designate which to use? Do I upload these to my media library on my website?
    3&4 – DS Store and index.html – do I do anything with these?

    Thanks for any help.


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