Light Effect Brushes + Textures Vol 1


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  1. “They have been created simply using a match and my old camera.”
    well thought :),
    these are great Brushes, I’m really impressed by the result

    • Hi Thomas,
      I’m glad to receive a compliment by a Photoshop brushes expert like you ;-)

    • TheBlobyoo1

      Your job is excellent man..this is one I was looking for
      -Thanks a ton…

  2. Analaura


    Im not an expert .. but .. i really like this set of brushes !

    thank u very much !

    * Argentina *

  3. rara

    how do i download this? its lovelyyyyyyyy

  4. amaazing brushe

    but how we can downlode it ..??

  5. Gina

    I’m excited to try these brushes… thank you!!

  6. I love your brushes cannot wait to use them!!

  7. septicx

    Very well done :o
    This is exacly what i was looking for!! Very detailed job. Thank u once again ;)

  8. Awesome tutorial, Looks kinda like one of the projects im working on right now!
    .-= Aivea┬┤s last blog ..Aivea Commerce Server Professional Services =-.

  9. Congratulations to all of you, great work!! thank you very much for sharing and helping people like me in our daily work… i just found some nice “solutions”

  10. EmpiresOfLight

    Thank you Dude!

    Realy awesome!
    thax again for sharing good stuff ;)

  11. jfeel

    Thank you !! :)

  12. Maybe i need it some Day!


  13. Mike

    Thank you very much for sharing! This is brilliant!

  14. anping

    Dear sir

    I have one problem is I download your brush already but How can I used it.because when I load brush from the brush preset , it not show as your picture provide,it is very clear and not blur like your.I really like your brush but I very poor on this.please help me.

    thank before hand for willing to tell me about this technique.


  15. Kaila Nguyen

    That will help me a lot. Many thanks….

  16. koushik mukherjee

    thanks a lot

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    ???? ????? ?????? .

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