Ink Stains and Bleach

ink stains and bleach
ink stains and bleach
ink stains and bleach


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  1. Karolis Versockas


    Do not release only brushes, include atleast stock imgs or vectors. You know that you can’t loaded them all to PS:)

    • Hi Karolis,

      When possible, we always release a vector version of the set (and a lot of other resources that aren’t for PS).

      In this case it wasn’t possible, but we are planing to release stock images for those who need these resources but haven’t Photoshop

      • I indeed think that releasing the images as well as the brushes would be awesome.

  2. PierreM

    Great stuff, but saldly this time the brushes are not as wide as the usual 2000 +px.

  3. hoy hoy teri ki

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