Ball of Fire Brush Set

Ball of Fire
Ball of Fire
Ball of Fire


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  1. Russ Attenborough

    So many new toys, after signing up today I don’t know where to start. Kiddie in a toy store Yeah :-)

  2. “Ball of fire ” I think love of fire because really i fall in love with this collection .

  3. Jason Bray

    This is a great set, thanks. Any chance of a tutorial on the blog covering how to make this look like an actual ball fo fire? I realize it consists of series of layers with various colors and opacity levels, but I am still having trouble getting the same look I see in the samples here on the site.

    • Hi Jason, I’ll definitely consider it for the future!

      • Chris Herrmann

        I’m haing the same problem … getting closer but still not near enough. Maybe you could include one sample fireball psd with the different layerstyles and blend options. That would surely help us understand how you get these to look to great :)

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