Angeles: A Free Urban Style Font Face

Angeles Font
Angeles Font
Angeles Font


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  1. Thank you for this, this is an incredible looking font face. Very generous.

  2. Edna B.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Patara

    Looks great. Thanks so much.

  4. Robert

    Rockin’ font, looking great. Congrats!!! Do you have any other fonts? I am trying to build a website for an Underground Radio Station and I hope you have more, or you just can recommend me from where I can find fonts? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Robert, We’re working on creating a font category, but in the meantime you can search “font” in the search bar at the top of the screen.

    • Gabriel Dubois

      Hi Robert,

      Until the guys from wegraphics finish their brand new category, which we are all eagerly awaiting, you can check out, they have an entire section dedicated to fonts, free for commercial use. Might be what you are looking for.

      • Robert

        @Nathan Thank you for your reply, I can’t wait to finish your new fonts.
        @Gabriel I am grateful for your information, I spent some time on creattor and fonts are really great there, but the WP themes are just awesome. Keep in touch!

  5. Oh, neat! Thank you so much!

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