30 Free Flat Style Social Media Icons

Flat Social Icons
Flat Social Icons


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  1. bvv


  2. Nismo

    Thank you!

  3. Hi there, I have tried every time you send me free downloads, none of it will open for me. I get a message to download a program to run it with, then download that, and still nothing.

    • Sü Smith

      That does not sound right. I wonder if you have a virus or something. I’ve never had that message when downloading goods from wegraphics.

    • Rusty

      all the icons are put into a zip file.

      basically compressed for a faster download/less bandwidth

      you need winzip/win rar/7 zip or any other decompressing software to open them up.

  4. Thanks – Well done as always – all your graphics are top-notch and are very useful. Terrific website.

  5. Thanks you very much for design :)

  6. Awesome icons

  7. GraphicCloset

    Thank you!

  8. Thanks ?.

  9. Thanks :)

  10. ningbo

    Thanks for the icons.

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