25 Free Photoshop Image Processing Actions

Action Pack
Action Pack
Action Pack
Action Pack
Action Pack


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  1. Hey folks, I wanted to post links and give credit to the incredible photos that we used in the preview graphics above.

    190/365 – 90LoveYou by Helga Weber
    spring on by Angelo Gonzalez
    Alexei by liber
    Evelyn by AehoHikaruki

  2. Adam Kayce

    These are sweet! Thanks – again – you guys rock. Endlessly.

  3. Wow. These are way smooth. Thank you!

  4. max


  5. sue

    many ta’s for sharing : )

  6. Patara

    Thank you

  7. Aren’t you all kind! These are nice effects! Thank you!


  8. Darrell

    Very nice, thank you for sharing.

  9. Edna B.

    Thank you so much. These are very nice.

  10. diana

    can somebody tell me how can i activate theses tools? I don’t find it in my Photoshop

    • Hi Diana, You’ll need to load the actions file from the Actions Panel. To open it the panel on PS click (Window | Actions).

  11. fahad

    how can i use this ATN. file in the photoshop? pls help

  12. Fernando (CO)

    Muchas gracias, están buenísimos los efectos.

  13. Imix

    Thank you. really cool set of actions.

  14. Elisangela

    Thank you! These actions are very nice.

  15. Juplis

    Like everybody THANK YOU! Y las empezare a utilizar right now. Gracias.

  16. Thank you that’s an awesome set of Photoshop actions. By the way, if anyone is stuck on how to install Photoshop actions, check out this guide: How to Use Photoshop Actions
    Cheers and happy Photoshopping!

  17. Muchas gracias por este aporte genial que nos permite experimentar con colores y contrastes de un modo mas practico, gracias.

  18. Echo

    WoW! Most excellent – Thank you

  19. carlos

    Gracias por este aporte genial que nos permite experimentar con colores

  20. Nice set of effects. Thanks for sharing!


  21. Echo

    Much appreciation to you for these Actions!

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