Wallpaper of the Week #18 by allhopeislost

Wallpaper of the Week #18 by allhopeislost

The wallpaper of the week this week is brought to you by Jesse, or better known as allhopeislost on deviantART. Jesse is from Ohio and is Creative Director for Kwaai Software LLC, a company that specializes in social gaming. Be sure to check out more of Jesse’s design work over at deviantArt.

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If you have a wallpaper design that you would like to be considered for our weekly feature, please submit the design to nathan@wegraphics.net.

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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a graphic designer who loves working with various media. He combines traditional art styles with a little experimentation and digital flare. Nathan's works have contained everything from ink and paint to leaves and a box of dirt. Everything is fare game when it comes to his approach to art. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas where he has been working as a designer for 10 years.


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