New WeGraphics, official launch with premium accounts giveaway

New WeGraphics, official launch with premium accounts giveaway

There is a moment in the story of any project during which a change is necessary in order to focus efforts on the main mission of the initiative.
WeGraphics in this last 5 months has released a lot of high-quality resources for designers and many incredible tutorials, but the website was an hybrid solution between a blog and a premium stock resources website.
For this reason Sebastiano, the mind who has created WeGraphics, has felt the need of a deep change, the need of creating a website able to accomplish the real mission of, that is providing unique resources for designers and writing tutorials on how to use them. We have a great gift for you too!

And now, with this post, we want to officially present and launch the New WeGraphics with an introduction to the new features and a great giveaway. You can quietly know more about us simply browsing the pages of the website, but with this presentation I would explain how the new site works and how we can help you in your projects for a price that is amazingly affordable.

Official launch cover

Who We Are

WeGraphics was created to help you! We create unique resources that you can use in your commercial projects without any restriction, we produce ready-to-use sets to make your job easier. Every week we work hard to provide the best of our efforts keeping a relevant quality in our packs, but this is not enough for us: we want to offer a great and comfortable service.
Our mission doesn’t stop here. We show how you can create amazing works using our resources, in fact we produce original and creative works and through our tutorials you can learn how to mix our resources and your creativity to turn out amazing design works.

What We Do

What we do

So, are you asking yourself what kind of resources we create?
Well, it’s clear that we love all design related things and we have a great respect for all design lovers. We know well, because we are designers too, how a good resource can help in creating an artwork , a web design or an illustration. We also know that a good texture or an unique set of brushes can transform a good idea in a great design work. That’s why we’ve chosen to provide useful stuff that can aid you in making precious your creations and in presenting them in the best way.
Brushes, textures, icons, vectors, mockup templates and many other things that reduce your working time utilizing high quality resources.

What’s Changed

What's changed

During the month of April I was planning some tutorials and articles to publish on my blog, when Sebastiano contacted me for a freelance work. He described his project for WeGraphics and guess what?
After few days spent planning the timeline of the work to do, we decided to begin a close collaboration. Sebastiano created the entire design and I developed and coded the website.
Now WeGraphics has two passionate owners who will do their best to enhance the site and to bring out something of really useful for the design community.

The new website has, and that’s clear, a new design, but the change is really deep and it is structural. WeGraphics now is a great showcase of premium resources that you can easily download becoming a member for only $7/month. We have studied every page of the website to support the users in the browsing and in the research of the contents. You can find exactly which you are looking for with few clicks, thanks to a useful division for categories and tags, thanks to a working search function and thanks to a clean and clever layout. Without forgetting that WG is running on a dedicated VPS, so downtimes and disservices will be practically non-existent.
We have three fundamental areas: the resources, the blog and the member area.

The Resources Area

resource area

All users and visitors can browse all our premium resources through our gallery, the fantastic thing is that all visitors can touch the quality of our resources downloading and testing the available free samples. Premium members get access to all resources without limits. You can create an account paying 7$, download all what you need and cancel your subscription. Anyway consider that we create new amazing resources every week, so why cancel your subscription if you could have weekly fresh high-quality design resources at your disposal?

The Blog

New WeGraphics, official launch with premium accounts giveaway

WeGraphics blog is a great source to learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create beautiful compositions. We often update our blog with graphic design tutorials and inspirational articles. Our aim goes beyond the idea of a resource toolbox. We want to create a community where designers from all over the world can interact and share ideas.

The Member Area

Member area

We’ve created all necessary tools to create and manage your account. From your dashboard you can see at a glance all necessary information about your status, you can edit your profile, renew or delete your subscription.
You can also become an affiliate joining our program. Becoming an affiliate gives you the opportunity to make money partnershipping with us. After you have created your affiliate account you will be allowed to login into your account page. Here you will get access to our banners and your affiliate statistics. Copy and paste banners code into your site and earn 50% from every new subscriber that you bring to us.

Our Gift for You

the giveaway

For the launch of the new website we are giving-away three premium member accounts with access to all of Wegraphics’ content for 3 months.
To win one of the three subscriptions to WeGraphics, all you need is an email address and a Twitter account.
To be in for a chance to win one these 3 accounts, you should do two things:

1 – Retweet this post through the button on the top, or copy and paste the following message into your favorite Twitter application.

RT @wegraphics New WeGraphics, official launch with premium accounts giveaway –

2 – Leave a comment on this post telling us your first impression about the new WeGraphics. Make sure you leave a valid Twitter username and email address (if you win, we will contact you using the email of the comment).

Update: the giveaway is now endend, see below to know who has won the prizes.

  1. designbyarm | comment #2624
  2. Ted Shavis | comment #2591
  3. Glenn Van Bogaert | comment #2589

Thank you to everyone for the comments and congrats to the winners.

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We do the best to provide high-quality products that you can use in your commercial projects.
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From a little city in the South of Italy, a web designer, a coder, a blogger. This is Piervincenzo, just a guy who has a great love for creativity and enjoys making high-quality stuff and sharing good information about web design and development. Now he works to make WeGraphics the best place to find design resources


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  1. First impression: WOAW. It is beautiful.

  2. Awesome. Brilliant Work.:) Best of luck Guys. Here is my tweet.

  3. Love the site, the resources, and of course the chance to win :D

  4. I’m loving the redesign. Excellent job!

    twitter username: Phillysoul11

  5. Congratulations my friends Piervincenzo and Sebastiano, you did a great job with wegraphics!

    Looks awesome.

    here’s my tweet:

    twitter name: colaja

  6. The first impression I had was: wow. And when I was discovering the other pages a few more wow’s came. You guys did an excelent job.

    Twitter ID: glennvanbogaert

  7. Great job! This is pretty exciting!

  8. Wow, excellent work guys! It looks great!

    Twitter username: thexcheat

  9. Loving the orange banner on top. Keep working on this project and it will rock out Envato in no time.

  10. Chris

    How is it I have never heard of you guys until now! Amazing!


  11. Ana Serrano Tellería

    Great! Sharing ideas and improving knowledge. Best wishes.

  12. This website is so clean and fresh! Love the inspiration!


  13. This site looks so fresh and clean!


  14. Jonathan

    The texturework on your new site makes me want to buy the textures you’re selling … so I kinda have a love/hate relation with your new site ;)

    twitter @vercoutere

  15. Hi Piervix, good luck for this new project!

  16. Well, first of all, I’d like to say I like your site so so much! It looks amazing and its style is kinda what I’d done for my cite, if I were a webdesigner, you know.. As for wegraphics itself, the truth is I never knew about this site and what kind of a team you are. I saw many re-tweets with your name, I saw “… by wegraphics” at some blogs, which reffered to icons, but as I said, I didn’t know you were a graphic resources provider. Luckily, now I do. I’ve looked through the stuff you offer and must admit it’s a top-notch collection, textures are especially great.

    However, I’m not ready to pay for membership yet, but the premium account would be the best way to get to know you better and opt in for premium.

    Here’s my tweet:

    Thanks and best of all for you,

  17. I’m not entering in the contest, I just wanted to say thank you and I really digg your work :-D

  18. Hey there,

    I’ve came across this site a while ago and really loved it for the content. Just saw that you did the re-design – nice, very nice.

    To me it’s more clearer what’s what: good nav for the “meta” info (blog, contact and etc.) Clear main menu and search. As mentioned in the article above, now it’s glass clear what’s the site about – a collection of resources for designer, not just a blog. The further filter division is amazing too, especially when with time you’ll have more resources.

    Liked the marketing/subscription message – big and clear; and the orange action button – good use of the colour.

    Overall, a better structured, categorised, slick and classy design with great use of colour and funky “letterpress” effects. Well done :) Love the content, great job!


  19. Steve Robillard

    I was very pleased to see things like brushes and not just the same categories as other similar sites have.

  20. This is an amazing site. Top quality resources. The design is fantastic as well – nothing terribly complex, and yet very stunning. Love it!

  21. The redesign looks clean and classy. Great job!

  22. i came across this site while surfing the web looking for good tutorials, and was glad to have come here…….totally love this site!

  23. Awesome, bro! It’s amazing at all: resources and this design also!


  24. Love the grainy feel and the stamped text effects and of course the zoned out skull and the contest and .. well this is where etc. comes into the picture!

    Am signing up mate. Till then here’s my two tweets. Oh hey! waitaminnit! I don’t need to sign up if I win the contest right? Show me the luuurve :)

  25. Angel Garcia


    Great site guys, keep it up!

  26. The site looks great, and the resources look even greater!

  27. Your site Simple but Professional. Good !! Cheer up.

  28. i came across this via twitter, it looks really great.
    I’M all ways looking for a good design resources site.


  29. This website so clean, amazing and very inpiration. Great job ! Like it.

  30. Love the clean layout. I especially love those nav buttons at the top..

  31. I found out about this site through SixRevisions on Twitter so this is all new to me but I like the design, even if it’s a little ‘grey’ ;) I’ve bookmarked the site, started following on Twitter and I’ll be visiting regularly as I’m always looking for ways to be a better designer. I think if I stop using tables for layouts, that might be a good start, right?!

  32. Luca

    Great Website, fantastic content and stunning resources!

    Here is my tweet:

  33. Thank you to you all guys for your kindly words!
    We appreciate your support
    …and good luck to everyone!

  34. Good luck for the new adventure. :)

    Great job!

  35. My first impression about the new WeGraphics is wow. I really like the design because it’s really easy to navigate through the site & you’ve used a great colour scheme. Well done, keep up the great work! :D

    My twitter is:

  36. Geat job guys.. awesome resources and design, good luck!

  37. So far I think the graphics are all great! I look forward to seeing the resources grow and grow.

  38. Pam

    Love it & like your contest! Like tutorials, as we can always learn something new. RTed your message.
    Follow me @AshfordDesign !

  39. Thank you friends, for all comments and the kind words… we appreciate your love and we’ll do our best to offer a great service for the design community!


  40. This is fantastic, loving the feel of this layout. First time here and definitely not my last.

  41. Looks amazing. I’m very impressed by the overall feeling and easy usability. An amazing design of simplicity and CSS3.


  42. Looks great so far! I like the clean, light design.

  43. Love the color scheme, and the icons.
    Very easy on the eyes.

  44. mastersson

    Well done with the work! V.Good job.

  45. Inuksuk

    I just love your little logo guy…he is so cute. The site looks great!

  46. My first impression was wow! WeGraphics looks very professional and promising, good luck. My tweet:

  47. WeGraphics is the converging point between elegance, ease, professionalism and radiant energy.

  48. webbografico

    I really like the overall feel and design of this site, I’m very interested in following your articles and using your inspirqtion and resources in my web projects. This renovated project is a fresh breath of air in my daily RSS feeds…

    Thanks to Wegraphics and a hello to my friend Piervincenzo

  49. FIrst impression was beautiful site! Not been here before- looking forward to whats to come.

  50. Wow ! it’s so simply it rocks ! love it !

    my twitt : @magik_studio

  51. Hey, it is an awesome theme!! =)
    You can follow me @josernitos


  52. kcart

    this site looked so great. i want to see more resources added.

  53. Gan blog nya udah saya follback…

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