Tutorial removed

Tutorial removed

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove this tutorial, because there’s an identical tutorial published on another magazine. Thanks to our readers for having emailed us the original tutorial link. We won’t never offer to our readers and members recycled products. Also we respect the works of other magazines/sites and we pretend that our authors do the same. Below you’ll find the link to the original tutorial.


Create a vibrant ad poster for a game console

View the tutorial: Combine 3D Geometric Shapes and Flowing Lines for a Sleek iPhone Ad

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  1. Nice tutorial… I saw a similar one on Creativefan a long time ago….

    I like how you explained the creation of individual elements from scratch.. Good work!

    • Yes Richie,
      I’ve just seen the tutorial was published on creativefan first.
      Unfortunately, I’ve had to remove the tutorial and we won’t pay the author.
      Sorry to our friends of CreativeFan

      • Its alright, Sebastiano … these things happen sometimes… Even PSDtuts had several glitches like this before.. Maybe the author forgot about the older tutorial… after all, it’s been such a long time…

        It’s a good thing that you removed and apologized. That’s being very professional and shows that you are holding WG to a high respect. Bravo!

        Joe is one of my favorite artists on the web and his tutorials are very helpful for beginners like myself. However, it is wise to make sure duplicate content is never published which might lead to a bad repute of a blog. So, a thorough research is always recommended before posting any tutorial. I spend nearly 30 minutes googling every possible keyword before attempting to create a tutorial.

        Just my 2c :)
        Thanks again,

      • I absolutely agree, Richie. Joe is a great artist and tutorial writers, no doubt, and I hope he will continue writing for us.

  2. This is still a great looking design a very nice outcome.

  3. Thank you for publishing knowledge.

  4. awwww man =(

  5. Eric

    So what if there is a similar version? After seeing in on Creativefan I googled “3D Geometric Shapes and Flowing Lines” and found this tutorial. Would have been nice to get more info, different styles, techniques, anything!

    This whole idea of “he has a similar tutorial so we’ll take our down” is outdated and bad business.

    I understand there is respect amongst tutorial producers and I think it’s great to strive for solidarity and respect. But I think you got it wrong on this one.

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