Behind the scene of WeGraphics – January 2011

Behind the scene of WeGraphics – January 2011

Howdy dear friends! After ended an awesome year, we couldn’t start the 2011 without a couple of exciting news. So pay attention please, I’m going to show you what we are working on (and planning to release in a few days!).

Super functional WordPress themes!

Our aim was to release the first theme in December, but…it’s a very hard work! Due to some troubles, now solved, we’ve had to wait till January to complete the first theme.

Here is a preview of WeMagazine, a theme thought for those who have tons of contents to organize and show in a clear and stylish way. The theme is designed and coded by our developer, Piervincenzo.

preview of WeMagazine

To be premium, a theme needs a functional option panel. Well madame and sir, the WeGraphics panel will drastically reduce your work. This panel will come up with all the (WordPress) themes. Here are 2 sneak peeks of what’s coming up:

New resources, new regular contributors

As you may have noticed, new regular contributors have joined the team. Nathan Brown of Room122 and Caleb Kimbrough of LostAndTaken will help us to provide the best design resources this market can offer.

For those who can’t wait, here are 2 small preview of the next two sets: a pack of 48px icons designed by Diego, and a set of vector zombies exclusively created for us by Corefolio.

New year, new design

Our Twitter followers already know that we are refreshing the site design. We love the grunge and textured style, but it’s time to switch to a more minimal look. Many of you will certainly disapprove this decision, but I’m sure the majority will love the new design.

Here is how I designed the new header:

That’s not everything! With the new design, probably updated in February/March, we will add new amazing features to the site, like the possibility to submit the works created with our resources and the opportunity to take part to online events and win prizes.

So stay tuned guys!

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  1. Very nice wordpress theme, lovely new design, good work Sebastiano!

  2. danny

    Great news guys! Looking forward ;)

  3. Denny Stephen

    I cant waiiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this team!

  4. i’m looking forward to your new wp themes…

    fresh fresh ;D

  5. Cant wait for the theme!

  6. Great team, your resources are AMAZING!!

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