20 unique examples of light effect in graphic design

20 unique examples of light effect in graphic design

Light effects in graphic design are a way to give keenness to images creating a strong contrast between light and dark tones. These effects, an actual trend, give the best result when they are used in images really dark, so to highlight a particulate on which user attention should be attracted.

Some graphics, like Boss Logic and Pete Harrison, make lights and lightness a fundamental key for their works. What shall be considered using these elements is that light effects create shadows, areas to be made brighter and others to be made darker. It’s not enough to download the picture of a lightness and set the layer to screen. Personally I like more light effects, even if used in an excessive manner.

Today I made a selection of 20 examples that can be used as source of inspiration for your next work:


by Fabian Warnke


by Wojciech Magierski and Sam Robles

Children of the idiom

by Pablo Alfieri


by Julien Morel

Electric Silence

by Pete Harrison


by Adam Spizak


by Nik Ainley

I feel good

by younes ze

Let her go

by Boss Logic

Monroe 3000

by Michal Sycz

Movie Poster – Fugitive

by Alex Beltechi


by Fabian Warnke and Javier Alvarado

Positive Hype

by Ars Thanea

Rich Soil 2

by Justin M. Maller

stylish reMixx

by Edmar Cisneros


by Pete Harrison

The Red Bulletin – Singapore

by Peter Jaworowski

The Spontaneous Self-Combustion

by Adam Spizak

Vader, I am you father

by Boss Logic

We all fall

by Jerico Santander

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    Wow that’s stunning. Those just spark all kinds of ideas into my head

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    you are a real graphist…

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