The Blank Slate: Your Best Client Ever!

The Blank Slate: Your Best Client Ever!

Whether your design career is just starting out or is seasoned with experience, I guarantee there is one client that sticks out in your mind as the best. This is the client that you enjoy or enjoyed working with the most. You really jived well together, and every effort that you put forward was a home run. Maybe this client was simply a pleasure to work for, or maybe the client was a huge name that looked sexy in your portfolio. Either way, it raises the question:

Who was your best client ever?

Tell us about the experience. What was the project? Who was the client? What was the final outcome? Go ahead and toot your own horn.

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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a graphic designer who loves working with various media. He combines traditional art styles with a little experimentation and digital flare. Nathan's works have contained everything from ink and paint to leaves and a box of dirt. Everything is fare game when it comes to his approach to art. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas where he has been working as a designer for 10 years.


(+add yours)
  1. Hey there,

    My best client thus far was a guy named Mitchell Green. He works for the University of Virginia and requested that I make him a site for a philosophy seminar (deemed ‘Project High-Phi’) that he will host this summer.

    He was a very down-to-earth guy who had previously envisioned all of the information he wanted on the site. He provided me with all of the information, special requests, a basic colour scheme, and said “do what you want with it.. just make it look good!”

    He was very relaxed about the whole process (a lot of my clients get very bad anxiety over their websites) and didn’t have much input on the design process, but rather requested minor placement changes after I had mock-ups built.

    Mitch’s final site was built on WordPress, included a functional and custom-made blog, a brand new logo, and nailed every aspect that he wanted in a site. He was very happy with his end result (I received much praise) and many people have used the site in order to learn more about his seminar!

    You can view his page here: .

  2. Nice site Erik… Sounds like Mitchell was a great client to work with. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

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