The Blank Slate: Do You Sell Stock Graphics?

The Blank Slate: Do You Sell Stock Graphics?

As designers in this economy it only makes sense that we do all that we can to supplement our income between client projects. And luckily, there are plenty of opportunities out there for us to do that. It could range from selling stock photos and graphics, web themes, templates and mock-ups, and even video and audio files. The possibilities are endless, and I know that some have even built a steady income and began making a living selling stock art exclusively.

Do You Sell Stock Graphics?

I’m curious to know, if you’ve began selling your art as stock. What has your experience been? What do you sell? How long did it take you to get started? Let the community know your thoughts on the topic and if you think it’s a viable means to supplement a designers income.


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Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown is a graphic designer who loves working with various media. He combines traditional art styles with a little experimentation and digital flare. Nathan's works have contained everything from ink and paint to leaves and a box of dirt. Everything is fare game when it comes to his approach to art. Nathan lives in Austin, Texas where he has been working as a designer for 10 years.


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  1. This is a very interesting question and topic! I’d really like to know the answers to the questions asked within the post as well. I have been giving it some thought and might want to develop some graphics to sell as stock myself.

    Looking forward to reading what others have to say on this topic.

    • I’m interested too… We need to get some seasoned stock graphic folks in here to tell us all about it. I’ll see if I can round some up.

  2. Making design for designer, it is none sense

  3. Where we can sell the graphics ?

  4. Selling stock graphics for designers is like selling meat for a butcher!

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