FIFA World Cup 2010 wallpaper by WeGraphics

FIFA World Cup 2010 wallpaper by WeGraphics

Here at WeGraphics we love soccer, and in occasion of the most important soccer event, the FIFA Wold Cup South Africa 2010, we have created a beautiful wallpaper to celebrate the occurrence with all our readers. We are soccer lovers and designers too, so for those interested I’ve published the wallpaper case study, with some screenshot that show the process behind the final result. Which team will win the tournament? The best one, of course (or the most lucky one)!



Case study

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(+add yours)
  1. Alessandro

    Fantastica! – Great!

  2. Wow this is a pretty cool process, really like the use of darkness and light. Another great job…

  3. Cool design, great idea!

    Check out mine, would love some feedback :)


  4. My dear friend, superb wallpaper!

  5. Ronaldo for the win :)
    Nice work
    (k) from PT

  6. WOW amazing work! I really like how you did the case study. Most people just release a wallpaper but never show how it was made.

  7. Really nice work! I agree that the simple case study is perfect, right to the point…

  8. Thanks guys!

  9. Mere words can never express my is too amazing .also personally i am very happy the reason is my favouraite player is Ronaldo so Great Thanks…

  10. Superb end result and it’s nice to go through the process as well, great work Sebastiano!

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