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Victorian age decorations

victorian decorations preview 1
victorian decorations preview 2
victorian decorations preview 3
victorian decorations preview 4


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  1. Fahrenheit

    Nice stuff =)

  2. Hey, this is great stuff. Awesome detail.

  3. diana

    Never used .AI or .EPS before. Can this be used easily in PS? Love the design!

  4. liam mckay

    Absolutely love these.

    @Diana, you can actually open EPS in Photoshop. It’s not quite as good as opening them with AI though.

    I always open in AI and then copy the paths over to PS.

  5. Jenson

    Hey, I would love to buy these ornaments. Is there any way to get them without signing up at this site? Email me please if there is like a private way, I got paypal :)

    regards from germany

  6. Jenson

    in case you cant see it its:

  7. Josh Coast


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