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Highly-detailed goatskin textures

Goatskin preview 1
Goatskin preview 1
Goatskin preview 1
Goatskin preview 1


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  1. Greg

    These textures are absolutely unique. Love them, they can give great character to graphic and web design works.
    I’m amazed, guys, you provide quality resources mantaining an informative blog. Congrats, you rock!

    • Wow! Thank you Greg, your comment makes us happy!

  2. Nice textures! Will use them in one of my projects soon!

    • Thank you very much dear Davy!

  3. c methods

    Howdy there,Terrific article dude! i am just Tired of using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there.

  4. Lynda Adlington

    Have only just found you and signed up. What a joy, you have some great stuff.

    • Glad to have you aboard Lynda ;-)

  5. francisco torres

    love the texture and colors. your set gives warm to any project make them visually richer. thanks a lot

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