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Phased – A Thick Grungy Font Face

Phased Font
Phased Font
Phased Font


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  1. Nismo

    Thanks a lot !

  2. Angi

    Love this font. That quote: whoa!

  3. Great font. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Zosh

    Love your sharings. I have added to my collection.

    Now that I have a folder of fonts, I would like to know how to upload them to Photoshop.


  5. This font is awesome! I love the chunky, messy look of it!

    @z After you open the fonts, right-click and select “Install” (in Windows). Whatever fonts are loaded on your system will automatically be in PS. If you add a font with PS open, just switch tools, then, go back to the font tool and it will be there.

    Thank you so very much!!


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