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Burned and Scratched Textures

Burned and Scratched
Burned and Scratched
Burned and Scratched


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  1. Wonderful, fantastic, immensely helpful and generous– thank you!!

  2. Always look forward to your emails and your FREE downloads! Sincerely, thanks very much.

  3. Thank you Nathan, these came in handy for a project I am doing.

    Small heads up: the information about the download seems to be off, it says JPG of 21.9kb.

    • Thanks for the heads up Brian… I changed it to MB.

  4. Patara

    These look great. Thanks so much.

  5. Baba Angeles

    From the buttom of my heart…THANKS!!!

  6. Wonderful

  7. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  8. Sara Tang

    FANTASTIC! Thanks!

  9. Viktor

    Fantastic website and resources. So helpful.

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